What To Ask Your Dentist About Implants

Who will place my implants and new teeth, and what are the doctor’s qualifications and experience?

At American Dental Wellness your implants will be placed by a specialist: a board-certified Oral Surgeon hospital trained in oral surgery and anesthesia. Your new teeth will be placed by a specialist: a Prosthodontist or Restorative Dentist with an advanced degree and residency specializing in the restoration and replacement of failed and missing teeth.

What type of anesthesia will be used?

American Dental Wellness surgeons are hospital trained in anesthesia and will use sedation to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

How many procedures of this type has my doctor done?

Our American Dental Wellness doctors have placed thousands of dental implants, and have done hundreds of cases just like yours.

Will all of my treatment be done at one location?

Your case will be handled by an integrated team of specialists and professionals, and your complete procedure, start to finish, will be handled at our all-in-one dental implant center.

Is there an on-site lab to produce my new teeth and immediately handle any needed adjustments or repairs?

American Dental Wellness has a fully equipped on-site laboratory staffed with Master Lab Technicians to make your new teeth and ensure a perfect fit and beautiful smile immediately, without waiting for an outside lab.

Will my implants and new teeth be placed in the same day?

In most cases, American Dental Wellness can place your implants and beautiful new teeth in just one appointment and without bone grafting. Also, you will never be left without teeth, or in a temporary removable denture.

What happens if an implant fails or I need repairs to my new teeth?

In the rare case that an implant becomes loose American Dental Wellness will replace it at no charge, and future repairs that may be needed will be done at American Dental Wellness’s on-site lab, usually at no charge.

What will be the total cost of my treatment, and will the doctor guarantee that cost upfront?

American Dental Wellness will provide you with a complete treatment plan and a guaranteed price with no additional or hidden charges later.

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