A Better Approach To Dental Implants

American Dental Wellness is unique in their approach to dental implant treatment.

The American Dental Wellness system is built on four key concepts:


American Dental Wellness practices 21st century dentistry. By using innovative dental implant treatment protocols and technologies in a state-of-the-art facility, American Dental Wellness can deliver implants and beautiful new teeth, usually in offten one day! And the techniques used at American Dental Wellness are clinically proven to be successful and reliable. American Dental Wellness is proving that traditional dentures and bridges can be a thing of the past.


American Dental WellnessCare uses a quality focused, integrated approach to dental implant care. All American Dental Wellness doctors are experienced specialists, delivering comprehensive dental implant services using a team approach. Oral surgeons place the implants, using IV sedation for maximum patient comfort. Prosthodontists and restorative dentists develop and place the new teeth, and make sure the function and smile are perfect.


Traditional dental implant treatment requires multiple providers and can take many months, or more than a year, to complete. And in many cases, patients are left without their teeth or are wearing dentures during this time. With our innovative techniques, integrated team, and state-of-the-art facility, American Dental Wellness can deliver the same quality results (or better) in just one day! In most cases, American Dental Wellness patients receive their beautiful new teeth immediately following placement of their implants.


From the moment you arrive at a American Dental Wellness, until the moment you leave with your beautiful new teeth, our commitment is to provide you with quality care and a first-class patient experience. The American Dental Wellness’s commitment to quality implant care has gained the confidence and earned the trust of thousands of patients just like you. At American Dental Wellness, we treat people, not just teeth.

Conventional Implant Approach American Dental Wellness
Typically a lengthy process at multiple locations • 14-18 month treatment period for full arch replacement • Multiple doctors and locations before functional teeth in place • Dealing with dentures or no teeth during treatment.
Immediate process at one location • Implants and beautiful new teeth offten in just one day! • Specialists provide treatment • Patients always leave with teeth
Individual, separate dental providers
Team of dental specialists
Local anesthesia
Sedation for your comfort
Outside labs
On-site Dental Implant Lab to custom make your teeth
Requires bone grafts
Less implants, less surgery, no bone grafts
Often requires sinus lifts
Less need for sinus lifts
Full-arch implant-supported bridge requires 6-12 implants
Full-arch implant-supported replacement teeth requires only 4 implants
Implant success rate is 96%
Implant success rate is 97+%
Multiple fees from multiple providers
One fixed fee with NO additional charges
Can last a lifetime
Can last a lifetime
Satisfaction depends on multiple providers.
Satisfaction is warranteed. American Dental Wellness stands behind our entire work product.
Cost for full arch of teeth: substantially higher costs (more implants, more procedures, more travel and more locations)
Cost for a full arch of teeth: substantially lower costs (less time, less visits, all in one center)
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