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In addition to offering patients a Yearly Dental Savings Plan, we partner with LendingClub Patient Solutions and CareCredit to offer our patients payments that fit their budget. Payment options can be used in combination with your dental insurance. For your convenience, we offer office hours 6 days a week. Please feel free to contact us at 904-272-9440. We look forward to having the privilege of taking care of all of your dental needs!

Dental Savings Plan* - Yearly

$ 365/Year (First Member)
2nd Member - $295/Year & Additional Members - $275/Year
  • Unlimited Exams and X-rays
  • Two (2) Prophylaxis (cleaning), or Two (2) Periodontal Maintenance
  • Two (2) Fluoride Treatments
  • One (1) Advanced Oral Cancer Screening
  • 20% off any basic prescribed treatment
  • 15% off any major prescribed treatment

Do You Have Dental HMO / DHMO / DMO Insurance?

While we are not a dental HMO/DMO/DHMO provider clinic, please note that on some major dental procedures such as extractions (including wisdom teeth and full-mouth extractions), root canals (endodontic treatment), dental implants, and dentures, our fee structure is frequently lower than it is for the contracted dental HMO/DHMO/DHMO dental specialists.

Also, please note that some HMO / DHMO / DMO insurance plans do provide partial Emergency Treatment compensation to our offices for services performed on Friday afternoons, late evenings and weekends. You will have to contact your dental HMO / DHMO / DMO insurance provider to obtain an authorization to be seen at one of our offices. Please call us at 904-998-0000 should you have any questions.

All Types of Dental Emergencies Handled

We Offer

Military Discounts

Thank You For Your Sacrifice

We Offer

Senior Citizen Discounts

For Patients Over 55

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