In-House Lab

Today's Technology In-House For Faster Smiles

We have an in-house dental laboratory, with skilled technicians, that make all dentures and partials right here in our office. Utilizing the latest technology, we use an old-fashioned technique of making dentures not commonly done anymore in most offices. Our in-house lab ensures the highest quality dentures and partials with the best fit. By doing all the work in our office, we drastically reduce the time it takes to create your new custom dentures.

The in-house dental laboratory is especially helpful when creating complex dental reconstructions and when matching natural teeth to ceramic teeth. We are able to bring to each case extensive experience and consummate artistry, and most importantly, we provide those noticeable little extras that take a successful case and make it even better. Finally, as of January 2014, we now have the necessary technology and equipment to make Flexible Partials (Valplast and Duraflex) in-house.

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