High Quality Dental Implant Results

According to dental regulations, any licensed dentist can legally place implants and practice implant dentistry. But most people are not satisfied with just any dentist performing this type of advanced dental and restorative care, and you shouldn’t be satisfied either. And until the last couple of years, dental schools have provided no dental implant training to their general dentist graduates. And the many dentists have never placed an implant or restored a tooth on an implant.

Don’t trust your dental implant treatment to just anyone.

While implant dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the ADA, there are specialists who have the advanced training and experience necessary to deliver quality results and care to each dental implant patient. Oral surgeons have 4-6 years of advanced training and residencies in all types of dental and facial surgery (including implants). They also have advanced training in anesthesia, a skill very important in implant dentistry.

At American Dental Wellness, all dental implants are placed by oral surgeons, most of whom are board certified. We believe oral surgeons have the best overall training and skill set for placing dental implants (which is a surgical procedure), handling anesthesia for maximum patient comfort, and being qualified to handle any medical complications that may arise.

Prosthodontists are recognized specialists in the replacement of missing teeth. These dentists completed multiple years of advanced education and residencies beyond their dental degree in order to be qualified to handle difficult dental restoration and replacement cases. At American Dental Wellness, all cases are treatment planned by, and all procedures to place new implant-supported teeth are performed by, experienced prosthodontists.

You shouldn’t trust your implant treatment to just any dentist. American Dental Wellness is among the most experienced and most qualified practitioners of implant dentistry in the U.S.

Expect highly successful treatment

Many people ask the question: How successful are dental implant based restorations?, or What is the failure rate of dental implants? It is true that occasionally a dental implant will fail, which simply means that it becomes loose or unstable. American Dental Wellness have experienced a 96% success rate with implants on the upper arch, and 97% on the lower arch. That means that fewer than three or four implants out of 100 will become loose and need to be replaced. A failed; implant is simply removed and replaced by the American Dental Wellness oral surgeon, at no cost to the patient. With a lab and prosthodontist on-site, the replacement teeth are quickly adjusted to the newly placed implant, and the patient leaves with a beautiful and functional smile.

Seek long term solutions

Once dental implants have fully integrated with your jawbone, a process that takes about 6 months, they will usually last a lifetime. While your prosthesis (new teeth) may require some repairs or adjustments after many years of use, implants rarely need to be replaced. Contrast this with standard tooth-supported bridges that often must be replaced in 5-7 years.

Don’t worry that your case is too difficult No matter how bad your existing teeth are, or what type of bone loss you may have already experienced with dentures, we’ve likely seen worse, and we can usually help you. Many patients come to American Dental Wellness because they have been unable to find satisfactory treatment options from less capable and less experienced dentists.

Get quality results from specialists you can trust

At American Dental Wellness, our objective is to provide the highest standard of dental implant care to our patients, thus providing consistently high quality results to each patient treated. You can trust the professionals at American Dental Wellness to have the training, the equipment, the staff, and the experience needed to deliver the high quality treatment and results you are looking for.

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