Replacing All Of Your Teeth

Replacing all of your teeth with dental implants

Did you know that more than 35 million people in the U.S. are missing all of their teeth on one or both arches? Also, it is estimated that an additional 30 million people have bad teeth and/or periodontal disease, and will face losing all of their teeth in the near future. In the past, the only solution for these patients has been full dentures.

Problems with dentures

The traditional approach to replacing a full set of missing teeth has been to use full dentures. A full denture is a set of artificial teeth that rests on the gum line, and can often provide an excellent cosmetic result. However, dentures have a number of key problems.

Dentures are not fixed in place and tend to slip, move, and even fall out. This is why there is such a huge market for denture adhesives and creams

Dentures can be very uncomfortable and painful, given that they rest on the gums. Therefore, eating can be very unpleasant and difficult.

With dentures, you have only about 25% of your natural chewing capacity. This greatly restricts what and how you can eat.

Many denture wearers report a lack of confidence because of their dentures. While they can smile, they have trouble eating, singing, being active, and sometimes even talking without fear that their dentures will slip or fall out.

Upper dentures cover the roof of your mouth with plastic, which can be uncomfortable and greatly inhibit your ability to enjoy food.

Also important, dentures do not stop the problem of bone loss. Long-time denture wearers often look much older than they really are because of the loss of bone in their jaws.

Dental implants are a preferred solution

Dental implants have proven to be an ideal solution for those missing all of their teeth on one or both arches:

Dental implants are fixed in place and do not move. Therefore, a permanent set of replacement teeth can be attached to the implants, and will function almost like natural teeth.

Dental implant-supported teeth can give you back 95% of your natural biting and chewing capability. You will be able to eat the foods you like without the embarrassment of worrying about your teeth.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. You can have the complete confidence to eat, speak, sing, laugh, be active, and do all the things you do with natural teeth, knowing that you have a beautiful smile and fully functioning teeth.

A full arch of teeth now can be replaced with just four implants, without bone grafting

Dental implants have proven to be the preferred approach to replacing a full set of missing teeth, and are a much better solution than dentures. But choosing the right dental implant treatment approach can be confusing. Below is a chart of the key options for replacing a full set of teeth, with their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. The professionals at American Dental Wellness recommend the All-on-4 Procedure as the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective approach.

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