Why Choose American Dental Wellness?

Experience You Can Trust

American Dental Wellness focuses on implant dentistry, therefore has more experience than many other dental implant treatment providers. Furthermore, American Dental Wellness has all the necessary doctors, equipment and services on site to make your treatment much more efficient and streamlined.

American Dental Wellness performs single-tooth, multi-tooth, and full upper and/or lower arch restorations.

On-site professionals

The American Dental Wellness team includes an Oral Surgeon to extract any unhealthy teeth and handle the placement of all dental implants. The surgeon is a specialist with advanced training and residency in oral surgery procedures, including dental implants. Each surgeon is also trained in anesthesia and is able to provide sedation for your comfort. A Prosthodontist (a specialist in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth) ensures that the replacement teeth are fitted properly, the bite is correct, and each new smile is perfect.

The On-site Dental Implant Lab

Master technicians in the American Dental Wellness dental implant lab custom make the new replacement teeth on site. All teeth are specifically made to meet each patient’s particular needs and to ensure beautiful results. With the on-site lab, any necessary adjustments can be made at the time of placement so that patients are completely satisfied with the look and function of their new smile.

American Dental Wellness uses modern technology to improve the overall patient experience. American Dental Wellness specialists use advanced digital imaging technology for detailed imaging of the teeth and the surrounding bone structure, tissue, and nerves. These advanced diagnostic machines (which are not found in most dental offices) offer critical information necessary for the proper location and placement of the implants for optimum results and stability.

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